Haubers is an Alpine resort that not only offers its own hiking trails but also a wide programme of sports and activities as well as a wealth of free add-ons. Many of the facilities in the surrounding area offer top quality leisure right in the heart of the beautiful Allgäu countryside. These include Oberstaufen’s cable cars, the Oberstaufen leisure pool, excellent golf facilities ... With nature, in nature – the possibilities are endless!

Keeping healthy is so important

Whatever you do to keep fit and healthy one thing is undisputed: your health is an important – if not the most important - asset you have. If you want to flourish and live life to the full you need to understand that your own wellbeing and that of the people around you is influenced by a number of both internal and external factors.
At Haubers we like to take a holistic approach in both our attitude to our guests and to the treatments we offer. This integrated way of looking at the world means that rather than focusing on fighting illness we focus on promoting health.

Expertise and Specialities

As a Schroth treatment premium partner we are well placed to be able to help you promote your health and improve both your bodily and spiritual vitality. Such nutritional concepts as our “Sleep and Slim” ("Schlank im Schlaf") food combining programme teaches you all about promoting long-term health. The expertise of Dr. Brosig and family and the enormous depth of knowledge of our masseurs and physiotherapists will point you in the direction you need to take to make any necessary changes to your lifestyle. We will support your efforts with targeted programmes of exercise in the grounds and in our hotel.


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Schroth Therapy

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Therapeutic Fasting

Our therapeutic fasting programme will not leave you hungry – we promise! read more
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