Schroth Therapy

This fasting therapy following principles developed by Johann Schroth has almost more avid fans than any other therapy.

Schroth therapy or Johann Schroth fasting therapy at Haubers Alpenresort

The therapy is named after Johannes Schroth, the man who developed it. He was so taken by “the unique beauty of the scenery and the healing potential of the climate” in Oberstaufen in Allgäu that he felt he had found the perfect location to develop his spa therapy.

Here at Haubers Alpenresort in Oberstaufen you can enjoy this Allgäu naturopathic therapy to the full – in absolutely every way possible. Book your Schroth therapy here in the Allgäu now and we will ensure a luxurious and relaxing ambiance. All you need to do is to concentrate on your therapy and on your health. We offer medical supervision by Dr. Andrea Wirrwitz-Bingger – a Schroth expert who is passionate not only about ensuring that the therapy is delivered in its purest form but also in the scientific evidence underpinning it.

What is Schroth therapy?

Schroth therapy is a holistic and naturopathic treatment that neutralises acidosis and detoxes the body. Oberstaufen in Allgäu is the only Schroth spa town which also has official accreditation. Haubers Alpenresort is your first port of call when planning your Wellness stay and Allgäu Schroth therapy.

Schroth therapy is based around “drinking” days and “dry” days that help mobilise your body. Together with your own self-discipline and willpower this Allgäu therapy strengthens the body’s power to self-heal, boosts the immune system and energises the metabolism. The therapy is based on four principles.

1. The Schroth diet

Schroth therapy here in Oberstaufen in Allgäu has nothing to do with a diet of grains. (diesen Satz ist meiner Meinung nach auch ueberfluessig). The Schroth diet is one of the core fundamentals of the Schroth therapy and is based on the century old principle of therapeutic fasting. The guest is served a predominantly salt free, calorie reduced, basic diet with no animal proteins or fats.

2. The Schroth poultices (sweat packs)

Each day – except Sundays – guests are woken soon after 4 a.m. with a hot cup of herbal tea brought to them by our uniquely qualified members of our team. Ten minutes or so later your body that is warm from a good night’s sleep is wrapped in a cool damp, linen cloth and covered with a warmed blanket. Up to three hot water bottles are added as required to produce a rapid warming of the body.

3. The Schroth drink and dry days

A rhythm of liquid intake that is personalised to your needs by the doctor provides yet a further impulse to the body and its innate ability to heal itself as well as encouraging deep tissue drainage. In addition to mineral water, teas and juices guests are allowed to partake of dry spa wines in moderation.

4. Rest and exercise

A balance of rest and exercise in conjunction with the rhythmic intake of fluids supports detoxification of the body and increases a feeling of mental wellbeing. The rest phases that are undertaken on the “dry” days allow for intensive regeneration of the body. Relaxation techniques, massages or gentle strolls are wellness body for the body and the soul. They help guests to destress and provide an opportunity for them to focus on their own self-healing abilities. Exercise that is undertaken on the “drinking” days mobilises the metabolism and aids the breakdown of body fats.

Book now for your Schroth therapy in Haubers Alpenresort, the 4-star superior hotel in Oberstaufen in Allgäu. Enjoy the combination of a luxurious ambiance, the ultimate in wellness and a therapy that will have you fit and ready to face your daily life.

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