Therapeutic Fasting

Our therapeutic fasting programme will not leave you hungry – we promise!

No feeling of hunger

Therapeutic Fasting involves making a conscious decision to take in no nutrition for a limited period of time. Therapeutic Fasting is not the same as a starvation diet though. When carried out correctly Therapeutic Fasting should not leave you feeling hungry.

What is fasting?

Originally water or tea fasting was practiced. This quite simply involved drinking nothing but water or tea during the fasting period. Dr. Otto Buchinger was the first to make juice fasting popular. Today this is known as the Buchinger fasting programme.

Today, many people suffer from a whole range of ailments such as headaches, back pain, allergies, digestive problems or rheumatism.

During a period of fasting the body purges itself of harmful substances. Fasting assists the body in expelling toxins and waste products, it activates the body’s own immune system and gives the body a substantial energy boost.
To help the body during a period of fasting we recommend liver poultices with our own home-grown herbs.

Outcome and success of fasting

A period of therapeutic fasting helps the body break down toxins that have been stored before replenishing it with nutrition and energy. The body’s own fat reserves are particularly called upon to provide energy. The resulting metabolism changes have a number of beneficial effects:

The effects on the body

  • Fasting has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. The immune system is given a boost making it better able to fight health risks.
  • Patients already suffering from metabolic disorders usually notice positive effects – excess weight and in particular the high risk intra-abdominal fat is reduced, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat levels all return to normal.
  • Fasting has also proved its efficacy in patients suffering from allergies, autoimmune diseases and chronic gastro-intestinal diseases. During the fasting period the gastrointestinal tract has no contact with food and therefore no contact with possible allergens in food. This allows the overstretched immune system to have a regenerative impact on the soul.

Fasting has been proved to have a sustained impact on serotonin that is responsible for our feelings of wellbeing. This also increases motivation to change one’s lifestyle. Fasting is an opportunity to take a step back from everyday life. It is a chance to reflect and appreciate one’s, often untapped, potential and give it room to develop. This often leads to new, surprising discoveries and impulses for everyday life. Fasting can help you find inner tranquillity and transpose this positivity onto other areas of life. Often when fasting people find a readiness to look at set and entrenched practices in their lives and they develop an appreciation for their immense energy reserves that each and every one of us has in us. Many people develop new body awareness and an increase in self-confidence. Fasting is also a very good way of heralding a new phase in life and of appreciating the essentials in life. It can help people destress and also assist in introducing new eating habits.

Further information is available in our talks entitled "Schlank werden - Schlank bleiben" (Getting Slim and Staying Slim) and "Fastengespräche" (Fast Talk)

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