Wellness Hay

Haubers hay is a very natural herbal mixture.

Our hay treatments are particularly appealing due to the clear excellence of the Alpine herbs that are used. Enjoy one of our treatments using shredded herbal hay in our kraxen stove sauna, in a hay pack or in a herbal bath.

Our very own hay with its unique mixture of Alpine herbs

We take great care not to use any fertilizers on our Alpine pastures as they are just full of a myriad of indigenous Alpine herbs, meadow flowers and grasses. Beneficial grasses, herbs and weeds (often actually herbs) thrive in these altitudes under the intensity of sun we get here. The very high quality of the hay can be attributed to a number of factors.

Allgäu flowering meadows

The altitude (830 - 1000 m ASL) and the intensity of the sun promote a diversity of plants. Decades of careful husbandry have resulted in the meadows being awash with many of the species that have long been associated with Allgäu meadows.

Production process

When we talk about “hay flowers” we mean the seed heads of the numerous grasses that grow on our meadows and that go to make up the hay once it has been cut. We only cut the grass shortly before we need it to retain the full efficacy of the herbs and grasses.

The aroma of fresh hay – how wonderful is that!

The superb quality of the hay we use in our treatments is hugely beneficial and very relaxing. After your treatment relax on a bed of hay and breathe in the sweet aroma of fresh Alpine herbs and flowers.

Hauber’s hay treatments

We fill the hay into pillow sized sacks made of organic linen that are then used in our physiotherapy sessions. Chopped hay and loose herb hay is used in the Kraxen stove and the hay bath. Other treatments include the Alpine herb exfoliation and our hay tub bath.

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